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Blogging: Select K-12 Blogs

By Cathy Tannahill
Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
Eastern Connecticut State University

Instructional Blogs

Blog Away on a Paperless Journal
This site self-describes as “an elementary class blogs about books, animals, math, places, and friends.”

Mrs. Dudiak's Awesome Readers and Writers
This site includes summer writing activities for second grade students. Hosted by the class teacher it offers opportunities for students to share their summer experiences.

The Fordlog: Collaboration and Communication
Very attractive and informative, this site provides several ideas for writing. Especially look at
An Afternoon of Poetry and Ghosts along the Lin Wa II

Georgia-New Jersey Connection: Building Better Journalists
This site links to student postings and shows the use of blogs to increase understanding as well as polish writing and journalistic skills. The Georgia links are active while the New Jersey will require access permission.

Logan High School Computer Art Blog
This site is a complex one serving several purposes including advertising artwork, providing parents and interested parties quick access to projects, and archiving student assignments for make-up work.

Mr. Wright’s Class
This teacher’s site provides information regarding assignments and other activities for both students and parents of Wyman Elementary School, Rolla, MO.

Ms. O’Donnell, Period 5 English 10h
An excellent example of blogging in the classroom, this site shows how to set guidelines for effective use of the tool. Especially review the
Grapes of Wrath assignment.

This site for the North Salem, NY High School Physics class provides resources and a structured discussion forum for current topics in science.

Thinking and Writing Wrinkles
Another site with an elementary focus, this provides links to a series of blogs by elementary students. The students are fifth graders. The purpose of the project is for students to “collaboratively develop their abilities as speakers, listeners, readers, writers and thinkers using weblogs to write about topics of interest to them.” Especially review Emily’s Newspaper and the last entry for Luz’s Writing Corner.

School Blogs

Bryant Elementary School
This school site appears to function as an on-line newsletter with entries highlighting student activities and events.

Butlerville Elementary School
This is a school wide informational site with latest updates and community information. Archived information includes announcements regarding a lockdown and rescheduling of events due to weather.

Franklin High School
Another site with an information focus, this blog covers administrative information regarding activities at Franklin High School in Portland, OR.

Hamilton-Maineville Elementary School
This site provides general information regarding activities at the elementary school. Look at
Miss Cresswell’s Corner and Miss White’s Fourth Grade Class. Otherwise, the links are mostly announcements and information regarding homework.

Minot Public Schools’ Blog
This site is district sponsored and demonstrates the use of blogging to provide general information of interested regarding the district.

Whittier School Learning Commons
Subtitled Weblogs from the barrio of Pilsen, The Whittier School Learning Commons blog reaches beyond the school to include news of the neighborhood in both English and Spanish.